Power of Storytelling | Working Facebook Live right: a B&M Alum shows you how

February 5, 2018

Julie Edwards is Executive Director at The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia, where she’s in charge of fundraising, major gifts, and planned giving. She’s also a Basics & More Alum who has taken multiple classes that I’ve offered, and I’m honored that she’s not only “attended class,” but gone forth and implemented.

Check out this Live Facebook clip from this past Friday. Staying through until the end should be easy for you for a few reasons. First off, Julie communicates warmth from the beginning, and she leads with gratitude, thanking HSNEGA’s wonderful donors again and again. Notice how honest and clear Julie is in regards to donor impact. It’s the rescue and adoption services that are specifically fueled by donor support, and the gratitude she and the rest of HSNEGA feels is sincere and genuine. It’s about a relationship established and grown through trust. And Julie comes from a place of trust, communicating the necessity of continued support while assuring donors that HSNEGA will continue to spend donor dollars in the best ways possible.

And how can I forget to mention Nala, Julie’s very cute (and very pregnant) doggie costar? I can’t. I am so glad that HSNEGA is able to help Nala and other animals in distress, and that their passionate donor base has moved them along in their journey.

Julie says of this Live Facebook session, “We WERE doing them regularly as in once a week or so. We would do LIVE@LUNCH or FRI-YAY LIVE and we would talk about an upcoming event or feature a rescue, etc. We started about a year ago. Being short staffed and negotiating year-end, we stopped being so regular, but now that FB has changed AGAIN it’s part of our “official” strategy to do more. This is our second LIVE this week. We are going to send this video to our donors via email. We are trying to get better about reusing/multipurposing content.”

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