What’s In My Inbox | #GrownAssAdult dogs win with APAMO’s newest campaign

April 3, 2018

The Animal Protective Association of St. Louis has a message for all of you doggy lovers out there: Please adopt a grown-ass adult dog. Maybe you already know that raising a puppy is a serious chore that involves time and commitment on your part — kind of like the responsibility that comes with raising a child. From potty training your pup to teaching it to not freak out every time the doorbell rings, you’ll no doubt have your hands full. But with an adult dog? You don’t even have to worry about that stuff. And APAMO wants to remind you that adult dogs need to be adopted, too. They need love, care, and affection, as well as your commitment. Just recently, APAMO has created a witty, sassy campaign that encourages prospective adopters to welcome adult dogs into their lives, releasing it across their social media channels.

Sarah Javier, APAMO’s President and Executive Director, had this to tell me about the campaign:

While our initial focus was on helping adult pets in our shelter get adopted more quickly, we now hope this awareness campaign helps adult pets everywhere! We are beyond delighted with the positive response we have received from across the globe – people really love it! We understand, of course, that this isn’t likely to make people suddenly decide to go out and adopt a pet, however, if they are considering it, or if they consider it in the future, we want them to remember this effort and consider adopting an older dog. There are so many great things about adopting adult! We also hope that it brings attention to the need, and if a person is not in a position to adopt, they may also consider making a donation because that is what helps us find homes for more adult pets.

Several people have asked about a cat segment for this campaign, and that is already in the works. Stay tuned! You’ll see the cat version of this campaign within just a few weeks.

Check out some of the awesome social media posts from the campaign and tell me that you don’t look into those eyes and see pure, true love. Unsurprisingly, in addition to securing donations and adult doggy adoptions, APAMO’s has gained a ton of new followers over this last week!


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