What’s In My Mailbox | An annual report on a postcard? N Street Village shows how

April 4, 2018

N Street Village is a D.C.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering homeless and low-income women in the area through offering an array of opportunities geared toward helping them live their best lives. Available options include services, housing, and advocacy. N Street Village is aware that some of these women struggle with stigma and shame, which can make asking for help difficult, so they aim to provide assistance within a space that is both respectful and welcoming.

N Street Village does important, wonderful work, each and every day, and they’re constantly out there empowering and transforming lives. Within the past couple of months, I received a mini annual report from them in the form of a postcard. It’s a useful model for this sort of thing. The words “annual report,” for me, almost immediately suggest something highly sterile and corporate discussed during a boardroom meeting. I think numbers, charts, and statistics. You know, useful stuff. But maybe a bit dry and boring, especially when it comes to your donor communications.

An impact report is an important piece of the donor communications puzzle. You want warm. You want inviting. You probably want short and sweet, too, because that’s perfect for achieving an impact, and it’s especially ideal for an impact report. Take a look at N Street Village’s piece and you’ll see how well an impact report postcard can work for you and your donors, both to communicate impact and to encourage continued, enthusiastic giving!

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