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May 14, 2018

The Southern Poverty Law Center is an Alabama-based nonprofit legal advocacy organization founded a few years after the civil rights movement swept across America. Specializing in civil rights and public interest law, SPLC has been targeting hate groups and extremists since 1971, and in our post-Trump world, their resolve has established their status as a valiant — and necessary — power. Their “Weekend Read” release hit my inbox this past Saturday, and it includes some excellent (not to mention gripping) storytelling. On its face, this “Weekend Read” looks like a newsletter, but a closer look reveals a story-within-a-letter model. The startling narrative that takes center stage here shines a light on how the consequences of hatred are more devastating than many can imagine, as well as why we, including the SPLC, must continue to fight on. The connection to SPLC’s vital work is clear, and so is the urgency in lending support. A donate button in the top left hand corner makes giving easy.

Beneath the story from SPLC’s editors are links highlighting additional worthy reads from publications like The New Yorker and Facing South, an online magazine founded by The Institute of Southern Studies, as well as a link to SPLC’s latest newsletter. This “Weekend Read” is more than just a communication piece. It’s a valuable resource geared toward those who are part of the national movement fighting intolerance, hatred, and bigotry. Toward those who want to be the change we want and need to see. Take a look.

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