6 ways to make your donors as happy as a dog with two tails

February 7, 2012

Valentine’s Day is coming up.  What better time to shower your donors with love?

Over the past two years we’ve featured a number of ways for you to ramp up your organization’s stewardship program.  Here are six, in no particular order:

1.  Does your organization’s stewardship system need a tune-up?  Or perhaps you’re creating one from scratch?  Listen in on this 37 minute teleseminar with Lisa to learn:

  • The two biggest mistakes you can make in a thank you letter (besides not sending one!)
  • How your first communication with a donor following a gift sets the stage for future gifts
  • Why you need to change your thank you letters and how often (and why you should include a P.S.)

2.  “On behalf of the board and staff of XYZ, I wish to thank you for your generous gift of…”  Zzzzzzzzzz.  Need to retool your organization’s thank you letter?  You’re sure to find plenty of take-aways in this “before” and “after” example.

3.  Shake it up baby now.  If you’re sending out seasons greeting cards, your mail is falling into the “because everyone else does it” category.  Try sending your donors a little gift to show your love.

4.  Does your communications calendar include plenty of listening?  Think of every opportunity you have to listen to your donors.

5.  Create lifetime donors!  Eight ways.

6.  And how about a plethora of ways for thanking via some of your favorite bloggers?

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