Fundraising Friday | June 1, 2018

June 1, 2018

Looking for inspiration for your organization’s storytelling? Check out this great resource I just discovered in this week’s Power of Nonprofit Storytelling.

So how can you ensure that your next fundraising appeal letter gets results? Download Your Foolproof Fundraising Appeal Letter Template in this week’s What’s in my Mailbox. And, to ramp up results with your next campaign, think about including a non-financial engagement piece. The results just might astonish you!

Have you been deluged with *privacy policy* emails? Are you confused about GDPR? Frankly, so am I. We’re on the lookout for a Motivate Monday guest who can explain this new regulation in dead simple language. In the meantime, here’s how one clever organization handled the regulation — with cookies!

I have written this newsletter since 2008, and cherish the many deep relationships that have formed as the result of this connection. I take you and your privacy very seriously. Since day one, I have adhered to the strictest policy regarding your permission. Even if you’ve attended a live training or written to request that we add you, we have never ever added names to our mailing list. The ability to optin, or unsubscribe, has always been solely in your hands. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Read my privacy policy here.

IMPORTANT READ. What happens to your monthly donors if you change vendors? Freeing Monthly Donor Hostages: Survey Results. New from The Agitator.

Every single day people are joining organizations because they stumble across them while searching for something in Google. How are they finding YOU? The
Top 7 SEO Tips for Nonprofits Who Want to Rank #1

Dear fundraiser: are you making these big mistakes? This week’s must read from Mary Cahalane.

Where there donor stewardship takeaways from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding? You better believe it. Love Your People: Here’s How from Cesie Delve Scheuermann.


What are the nonprofit fundraising and communications books you turn to, time and time again? Those books that may have brought about a shift in thinking or a new way of doing your work? These are the books that line my shelves.

Learning Opportunities

Think about it for a moment… Your organization’s culture is actually your most valuable competitive asset. And if your organizational culture doesn’t support fundraising, your results will suffer. If you could use a step-by-step plan to transform your program staff, board, and volunteers into joyful fundraisers, join us for Raise More Money with a Donor-Centered Culture, the newest class in our Basics & More roster. We’ve left the doors open an extra week. Learn more and enroll now.

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