Fundraising Friday | September 7, 2018

September 7, 2018

Just when I think I’ve seen it all when it comes to nonprofit storytelling, I stumble across this. The Power of Hearing Stories. This week’s Power of Storytelling. And be sure to check out how the Point Foundation is employing an online engagement tool.

“Happy birthday,” I say to you. “Thanks,” you say, “but it’s not my birthday. That was months ago.” “Oh,” I reply. “Well, most people I know are celebrating their birthdays this month, so I’ll wish you happy birthday now.” That’s exactly how some of your donors feel. What Should You Know about a Donor? New from Dennis Fischman.

An insightful read from Vu Lee. Hey progressives, can we stop using the tools of social justice to tear one another down?  My most cherished lesson from attending The Landmark Forum: we are all human. Treat everyone you meet with kindness and compassion.

Rage giving can be a boon, but how are you converting angry supporters into donors? 3 Crucial Steps to Converting Rage Donors to Long-Term Supporters (and 3 Bonus Steps) from Erica Waasdorp.

How are you really? Have you stopped to look at the mental health of your fundraisers lately? New from Kim Van Niekerk.

What would you hear back from your donors if you asked them where you should focus your efforts – rather than asking them to specifically designate their gifts? The Agitator with An Online Test of Donor Preferences.

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