Fundraising Friday | November 2, 2018

November 2, 2018

Your nonprofit’s thank you letter represents an enormous opportunity to grow a relationship. Are you taking advantage of it? This week’s What’s in my Mailbox features a stunning *before* and *after* thank you letter from the queen of thank you’s, none other than the founder of the SOFII Thank You Letter Clinic, Lisa Sargent.

Every day’s a holiday. A great reminder for your email marketing from World Wildlife Fund. What’s in my Inbox.

How did one CEO modernize a 140-year-old agency without denying its history?  Managing a 140-year-old nonprofit like it’s a startup.

How to Lose $17 Million Without Even Trying (gulp!). And check out Planned Giving Intensive | Basics & More, where you’ll learn about how to start and market your bequest program even if you’re the smallest nonprofit.

“Everywhere else in our lives, we happily invest in the best solution to our problem. Whether it’s surgery, vegetables or a designer, we seek to invest in expertise and resources that not only fit our budget but get the job done.” Seth Godin on nonprofit overhead. 

More proof positive that the simplest solutions are best. Greg Warner with How I leave voicemail messages for donors so they get returned.

Happy, Focused, and Productive: There is an App for That! New from Beth Kanter.

“Regardless of how we respond, we must respond. Philanthropy means “love of mankind,” and now more than ever before, our words and our work must embody that in every way.” We All Must Stand Up from The Barr Foundation.

Learning Opportunities

How do you know when your organization is ready for a strategic plan? In my work with thousands of small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations, I’ve found that the biggest problem holding them back is rarely a lack of quality training. Quite simply, it’s because the organization doesn’t yet have a strategic plan in place.

With our latest Basics & More™ class, Strategic Planning Simplified, you’ll emerge with a renewed sense of clarity and direction for your organization. You’ll have the tools in place to inspire your board, your staff, and your funders to new heights. You’ll be better equipped to know when an *opportunity* really is, and you’ll transform your nonprofit to create lasting change. Early Bird pricing ends tomorrow. Learn more and enroll.

Have you been thinking about launching your organization’s monthly giving program? What about a bequest program (think of all the money you’re losing every year without one)? Maybe you’re just coming off your latest gala and you need to plan your year-end fundraising campaign (like yesterday!). Whatever your organization needs, we’ve got you covered at Basics & More U. And there’s no better time to enroll than now during our annual Halloween sale. Click here to see your savings.

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