The Power of Storytelling | Legacy marketing from Guinness? Who knew?!

March 13, 2019

Ask Direct is a direct response agency in Ireland. And Caoileann Appleby, Strategy Director at Ask Direct, recently published a blog post, Masterful Legacy Marketing in 90 Seconds, which I happened to catch on Twitter. Caoileann explained:

At our Fundraising School legacy event the other week, there were a few ‘aha’ moments for the audience. But I want to focus on just one: when attendee Declan White from Sightsavers pointed us to possibly the best legacy ad out there right now.

And it’s not even for a charity.

I appreciate that Ask Direct doesn’t keep things insular. They look toward the outside, too. This Guinness ad is brilliant and worth spotlighting. It takes less than two minutes to watch it. You already know that great stories take many forms. Words. Pictures. Video. And often times, the shorter narratives generate the most impact, packing a colossal emotional punch. While story may last a minute or two, the impression it leaves — the memory of it — can last much longer.

Special thanks for Ask Direct for this gem. Caoileann’s analysis goes deep and is truly insightful, so be sure to read her awesome blog post!

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