The Power of Storytelling | TWC rocks their social media with great stories

June 11, 2019

Toronto Wildlife Centre is dedicated to building a healthy community where humans and wildlife can peacefully coexist. In addition to providing medical care to injured and sick animals and releasing them back into the wild, TWC also offers wildlife education and advice to the public. From their hotline and hospital to their many volunteering opportunities, TWC is carrying out their mission and creating stronger relationships between human beings and animals. They’re a Basics & More Alum and have enrolled in multiple courses over the past few years, including The Power of Storytelling. They’ve developed a knack for solid storytelling, too, and you can find evidence of this across their multiple social media platforms.

I stumbled across a great story a few days ago, and it’s about a mama duck and her freshly hatched ducklings. It’s about the wonderful work that TWC does, too. The story is posted on both their Facebook…

…as well as their Instagram page.

TWC has a strong presence on both Facebook and Instagram. They’ve created two great spaces for sharing their stories and other content with their supporters. They post on a consistent basis, often in both places simultaneously. This particular story reads like an update of what’s happening over at TWC right now, and it’s great to see that the ending is a happy one!

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