Lessons From Motivate Monday | Making Your Meetings Virtually In-Person

May 6, 2020

How hard is it to transition board meetings to video? Not very. But it does take planning in order to make it engaging for all. And it’s all about the people, too. How do you encourage the kind of camaraderie that builds relationships? How do you accommodate the participants who can’t see the screen? How do you avoid “Zoom-bombers?” In her presentation, Creating a Virtually In-Person Meeting, Susan Detwiler…

  • provides helpful tips for moving your meetings online
  • discusses the challenges and how to deal with them
  • offers detailed advice on how to best prepare
  • answers YOUR questions

Susan is an experienced consultant who works closely with nonprofit boards and administration. She’s passionate about helping nonprofit leaders make decisions and plan strategically so they can keep their mission going for the long-term. She facilitates board retreats, strategic planning, and board education, both in-person and online. Since the new “stay-in-place” orders, Susan has helped numerous nonprofit leaders successfully transition to video conferencing.

Carve out a chunk out of your day, kick back and relax, and give Susan’s session your full attention. During these trying times, online meetings offer a platform for human connection, which is all the more precious now. If you’ve ever worried about getting an online meeting off the ground, relax. Everything you need to know is here!

MotivateMonday with Pamela Grow and Susan Detwiler from Pamela Grow on Vimeo.

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Dennis Fischman May 11, 2020 at 9:02 am

What a wonderful summary of Zoom meetings for people with all levels of familiarity with the program!

Have you ever had the problem of noisy feedback from one participant’s devices? I found it very disruptive, so I looked it up. Usually, it means they are using both their computer and a mobile device (phone or tablet), and the devices are too close to each other. Moving them apart will help with that.

Also, if a participant is echoing, they probably have audio turned on for both devices. Turning one off (typically, turning off the computer audio to use the phone) will solve that problem!

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