Power of Storytelling | Covenant House shows fundraisers why repurposing is the answer

September 9, 2020

Sometimes fundraisers have the tendency to look long and hard for the “best” solutions, forgetting the arsenal of resources they already have at their disposal. Especially now. Times are hectic, chaotic, and stressful. Many of us are experiencing panic and uncertainty in our day-to-day lives. That can cause us to search even harder for what, believe it or not, is usually right there in front of us. What can possibly inspire donors, who are also feeling stressed out, to give during such trying times?

Guess what? I’m here to tell you that repurposing is your answer. It can be your best solution, right now and at any time.

Take this video clip from Covenant House, for example. They’re a nonprofit that provides resources to homeless and runaway youth. Headquartered in New York, they operate shelters in over 20 states. Without a doubt, their mission, on its face, is a compelling one. But what’s really worth mentioning is that Covenant House took an already great communications piece and added an element of COVID urgency to it. Check out the video to see how they did it.


Think back to your most successful communication pieces. What were they? What kind of results did they get for you? Whether it was a direct mail piece, an email, or a video, chances are, you can tailor that great piece for the times and make it even more powerful for right now.

I would love to hear what great piece you’re thinking about repurposing. Respond below or drop me an email.

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