What’s In My Inbox | Mitzvah Circle knows now is the time to talk to donors

September 17, 2020

Mitzvah Circle is a nonprofit organization located in Norristown, PA that works to help individuals and families experiencing poverty, homelessness, and illness. This nonprofit works to provide items not covered by government assistance. Through a handful of programs geared toward providing necessities, Mitzvah Circle has been able to help more and more families each year.

I received a super compelling email from Mitzvah Circle recently. The heading read “The Stress is Real,” which I think is a brilliantly relatable line. The email message contains COVID stories which, considering the vulnerable people they help, is fitting. But what is worth mentioning is how great the storytelling is. It conveys urgency. Mitzvah Circle understands the importance of communicating with their donors right now, as well as how to do it. They also know how to show their donors how vital their support is during this critical time. Mitzvah Circle not only shows clear gratitude, they compel their supporters to give right now.

Check out the email in full below…

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