Fundraising Friday | August 22, 2014

August 22, 2014


How are small nonprofit organizations using the power of direct mail to love their donors? Join us every Wednesday for the new weekly feature, What’s in my Mailbox.  This week’s focus:  thank you’s.

“A well run organization doesn’t have a marketing department.”  New from Jeff Brooks, 6 signs of a well run nonprofit organization.

When Will Direct Mail Die?  New from The Agitator.

New from Joanne Fritz, 9 Storytelling Mistakes Your Nonprofit May be Making.

“Part of the art of making change happen is seeing which cultural tropes are past their prime and having the guts to invent new ones.”  New from Seth Godin, Skinny, sad and pale.

Joanne Fritz sharing a terrific Easter Seals email appeal quiz.

Think that you don’t need a printed annual report?  Think again.  New from SOFII.

Marketer Dan Kennedy once said prevention is a hard sell.  I learned that the hard way a few years back, when The Donor Retention Project failed to sell nearly as many copies as 100 Donors in 90 DaysNew donors are so much sexier, no?  Must read from my friend, Jay Love:  How one question changed this nonprofit board meeting. 

Kivi with No Hard Choices = No Strategy and No Leadership.  It takes courage and strength to make a commitment to donor-centered fundraising.  But the rewards are worth it. Listen in on how one organization made the switch.

Mary Cahalane with You talking to me?

Do you think you need a large staff to run a monthly giving program?  Erica Waasdorp says that’s a myth!

A lot has been written, both pro and con, about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  My friend, Amy Eisenstein weighs in.

The best fundraisers know: this ain’t no instant pudding.  Building donor loyalty is a constant process.  New from 101 Fundraising, Everything Wrong Retention Programmes Put Right.

I can’t quite recall a time when I felt so bereft by the death of someone I never met.  Peter Coyote shares his words of wisdom.

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