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November 5, 2014


How are small to mid-sized nonprofits using the power of direct mail?  Join us every Wednesday for What’s in my Mailbox.

We all need a little help sometimes to get us started writing.  Several of my members and subscribers have used my Basic Appeal Letter Template to guide them in writing their direct mail fundraising letters.  Simple Development Systems member Rachel Stephenson Ramjattan said “Pam’s appeal letter template gave me the courage to try my first do-it-yourself year-end appeal. We raised just under $4,000 from just a handful of inactive donors. Most increased their gifts.”

And nonprofit consultant Jenny Mitchell of Chavender Consulting recently wrote:  “Please find attached two excellent (and very different) appeal letters from two of the participants in my mastermind sessions. Your appeal letter template was instrumental in making these letters HAPPEN! On behalf of myself and the entire group, thank you again for sharing this resource with our group.”

Download your Basic Appeal Letter here.  And click the two examples below to see what Jenny’s organizations did.


AnnualAppealLetter2014 Goulbourn Museum (1)

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