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January 14, 2015


How are small nonprofits using the power of direct mail to love their donors? Join us every Wednesday for What’s in my Mailbox.

In my book, Simple Development Systems: Successful Fundraising for the One-Person Shop, we talk about creating a minimum of 12 donor touches a year. And the usual response is: “I don’t have the time or resources to ‘touch’ my supporters 12 times a year! I’m lucky to get one appeal out every year.”

But, once you get the hang out of the 12-touches-a-year-system, you’ll learn how easy it can be to repurpose content that you already have and make it fresh again. Remember, your donors are your friends. You wouldn’t just reach out to your friend once a year to ask for money, would you?

Case in point, this terrific postcard from New York City Anti-Violence Project, sharing highlights from their recent annual report. If you’re interested in creating your own 12-touches-a-year system, plan to join me and Dennis Fischman next week for Your Donor Engagement System | The Basics & More (registration extended until Friday).



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