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January 14, 2015

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The very terminology of major gift fundraising has always struck me as…a bit clinical and dehumanizing. And shouldn’t those transformational gifts be the continuing result of creating JeffBookrelationships that matter? Not moving donors through a formula – a process – that amounts to thinking of donors as ATM machines.

Enter Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifels. Their company, the Veritus Group, has been transforming major gift fundraising for the past six years. And now, It’s Not Just About The Money: How to Build Authentic Major Donor Relationships, their new book, goes to the honest, deeper heart of what fundraising is all about.

You’ll learn why people need to give, how dysfunctional organizations can get back on track, why you need to ‘Beware the Giant Hairball’ (stories all of us will recognize), the seven pillars of your major gift strategy, and more.

It’s Not Just About The Money pulls no punches. Building a successful major gift program takes discipline and hard work. But when you’re doing it the ‘right way’ (when your donors come first), you’ll be amazed at how EDs, staff, board members and volunteers work together like a well-oiled machine.

It’s Not Just About The Money is not just for major gift officers. These principles of wholly donor-focused thinking and retention-based fundraising have been the foundation of my trainings and membership program for the past four years. These are the principles to take your organization confidently and joyfully into the future.

This is a book that should be on every fundraiser’s bookshelf. It really is NOT just about the money.

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