Fundraising Friday | June 12, 2015

June 12, 2015


We’ve got a new weekly feature over at, The Power of Nonprofit Storytelling, where every Monday we’ll be sharing exceptional storytelling examples and ideas. This week: How are you sharing your donor stories (definitely something you should be doing!)?

This week’s What’s in my Inbox was one of my all-time favorites. Take a look and see how Save the Chimps issued a June Wishlist Challenge to their supporters. Too much fun (I gave a box of almonds) and seamless from start to finish. Great way to add excitement and engagement to the boring old wish list (and definitely check out next month’s Online Fundraising class for more).

I get a lot of reader questions about my ’12-touches-a-year minimum’ recommendation in Simple Development Systems. The brilliant folks over at Agents of Good have yet another terrific example (I want you to pay particular attention to the response device) in this week’s What’s in my Mailbox. You’re going to love it!

The Agitator with Profoundly Simple: A Plan For Every Donor. How can you make it happen?

Should YOUR nonprofit consolidate? 4 Reasons Why More Nonprofits Should Consolidate from Bloomerang.

When you don’t disclose salary range on a job posting, a unicorn loses its wings. Seriously. New from Nonprofit with Balls.

Have you checked out Serial, the NPR podcast? There are lots of valuable lessons for nonprofit storytellers here.

New from Mary Cahalane: Want to reach more donors? Spill your guts.

Are you registered for Business & Corporate Fundraising | Basics & More? You’ll definitely want to get a head start by reading How I Was Sold By a Fundraiser In a Single Phone Call.

Psychology Secrets Every Fundraiser Should Know from our good friend, Rory Green.

Have you been following the Six Principles of Influence for Fundraising series over at the Veritus Group? Don’t miss it!


A super oldie (but goodie) that’s timely with so many of my friends turning to weights: Myths About Women and Weight Lifting … Er, Grant Proposal Writing!

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