Fundraising Friday | July 10, 2015

July 10, 2015


How did one cat’s story blossom into a $24K fundraising campaign to find his forever home? Find out in this week’s Power of Nonprofit Storytelling.

A special thanks to Sandy Rees who submitted this week’s What’s in my Inbox | The power of puns.

What if you’re committed to your donors, but no one else is? How do you bring your executive director, staff, board, and volunteers together as one, committed to the principles of donor-centricity? Listen in to the Simple Development Systems Podcast as I introduce you to Mandy Fischer, Development Manager of the Intervale Center in Burlington, Vermont. (Do I sound just like Stewart’s mom from MadTV?)

Last week we talked about ways you can consistently be leading your organization. But how do you really pack a punch? Do not miss: Specifics Make a Difference in Major Donor Giving, new from Veritus.

Mary Cahalane with Are you too pretty to work?

Mark Phillips has a terrific new post: What’s wrong with fundraising? I love Mark’s suggestion of “a new type of audit. Each year, every charity should offer all donors (and a number of lapsed ones) the chance to say how they feel they have been treated.”

Nonprofit with Balls with Nine awesome nonprofit trends we should all celebrate with unicorn cookies. I’m thinkin’ that Vu missed a big one though: when I got started in fundraising in 2000, training opportunities were scarce and a lot of ‘em flat-out sucked (I hated schlepping out for a training, paying for parking, only to discover 15 minutes in that more effective use of my time would be to be out calling on donors…and don’t even get me started on the conferences that were just one big vendor fest). Now we’ve got tremendous training opportunities. The key is separating the wheat from the chaff.

5 Unconventional Ideas to Cultivate Your Major Donors. Veritus.

What really happened on #givingtuesday last year. This. From Kerri Karvetski.


Could the ‘shocking secret ingredient to growing your nonprofit’s individual donor base’ be as simple as a phone call? You better believe it (with sample script).

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