Fundraising Friday | August 14, 2015

August 14, 2015


Color of Change’s emails consistently result in an emotional, heartfelt reaction in me, moving me to want to help in any way I can. And their most recent email is no exception. This week’s Power of Nonprofit Storytelling | Impactful storytelling in pictures.

Rachel Ramjattan is back with another nod to Save the Chimps in this week’s What’s in my Inbox | An irresistible subject line. Triana from Save the Chimps reports: “As for our wishlist challenges, they continue to be a great  fundraising tool for us!  Last month we had 470 Soy Protein mixes donated. Although we didn’t reach our goal of 555, it was an wonderful amount, especially considering they cost us $8-10 a canister.”

Are you a Lazy Fundraiser? New from The Agitator.

Measuring MGO Performance: An Introduction. A ‘must-read’ series from the Veritus Group.

Mary Cahalane weighed in with this week’s What’s in my Mailbox | Your donor gets the credit (yep, all of it). Terrific example.

Have you signed up for the Nonprofit Blog Carnival? If you’re a consultant/and or blogger, it’s a surefire way to get your writing front and center in front of the people who matter. This month’s Carnival host is Kivi Leroux Miller. Check out her call for submissions.

Hug Your Customers Donors. Book review.

Does your organisation have ‘Busy-ness Syndrome?’ Fundraising & Philanthropy Australasia Magazine.

When was the last time you updated your Guidestar profile?

Nonprofit with The Basics of Volunteer Orientation and Training.

Joe Waters with 6 Fundraising Platforms That Have Disrupted Charitable Giving Forever 

Jay Love with 7 Attributes of a great fundraiser.

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