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July 25, 2016


Knok Studio, founded by Beau Chevassus, is a nonprofit organization with the “mission to mobilize volunteer talent to serve non-profit organizations, churches, and charities by capturing these charities’ stories.” The services offered are available to organizations through three package options that are priced accordingly. The options range from a short introductory video to a single twenty-five minute tour de force (or four short videos). The associated cost per option is related to the time and effort involved in each project, and the prices are reasonable. Beau explains Knok’s process, one of narrative curation, as follows:

We do all of our service work in-house. Our volunteers and staff essentially work with nonprofits to identify goals, demographics, etc. and then they go “into the field” and capture the stories as it happens.  Sort of “mini-documentary” style.

zuUaLqY2For ultra compelling examples of Knok’s past work, during which their studio teamed up with organizations in accordance with their mission, look no further than their impressive video portfolio, where stories come to life in rich, vibrant color (and words).

Less than halfway down the portfolio page, my eye fell upon a clip for The Mom & Me Mobile Clinic, most likely because I am a mother to two daughters. This nonprofit needed a video to communicate to the world who they are and what they do. Because this clinic is engaged in some seriously life-changing work that impacts entire families and futures. Within the walls of a bright yellow truck that is equipped with all of the necessities, the clinic provides free medical services and treatment to mothers, fathers, and children. Dale Clark, their Executive Director, sets the stage with his own powerful story in the form of a memory.

The Mom & Me Mobile Clinic and their dedicated staff not only offer a convenient and quality space to feel healthy and safe, but they offer families hope. They are very special, so check out their short video, which, in a span of less than three and a half minutes, sheds some light on their identity and mission.


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Beau Chevassus July 25, 2016 at 12:40 pm

Wow! What an amazing and kind write-up!
Keep up the awesome impact Pamela (and team!), serving those who are serving. 🙂
All the best,

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