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August 31, 2016


How are you building those lifetime relationships that lead to monthly giving, major gifts, and legacy gifts? How do your supporters know that their gift is making an impact? How are you regularly inspiring and delighting your donors?

In Simple Development Systems, and the Lifetime Donor Attraction System we recommend a bare minimum of 12 donor ‘touches’ a year, and preferably 24.

But what does that look like, particularly for an organization without a team and operating on a smaller budget? What if your resources don’t currently allow the printing and mailing of 12, or even four newsletters a year?

In the pages of 12 Touches, you’ll discover inexpensive examples of touches, both personal and created for wider audiences, that take your donor on a journey and WOW them throughout the year.

You’ll find inside:

  • A welcome kit
  • A thank you letter before and after from the world’s leading donor retention specialist
  • A one-page Impact Report
  • A donor survey
  • A print newsletter that raises millions
  • A share-your-story email

These examples were curated primarily from What’s in my Inbox, What’s in my Mailbox, and Power of Nonprofit Storytelling, regular weekly features at pamelagrow.com.

The purpose of this 12+ Touches portfolio is not to copy from. There’s already far too much of that in our industry. I have personally received thank you letters that were essentially copied verbatim from examples published online.

I hope that 12 Touches will inspire you with what’s possible in communications and touches that engage your donors, leading them on a journey.



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