Power of Nonprofit Storytelling | Empowering storytelling nonprofits through video: meet Stone Soup Films

September 12, 2016


Stone Soup Films, a DC-based production studio engaged in empowering nonprofits to generate greater social impact through sharing their stories, has been capturing dynamic narratives by video since 2008.

Ever since I was inspired by Knock Studio, I’ve been exploring other companies that offer this crucial service to nonprofits; the task of translating a story into video format. Video has the ability to inject life into a narrative, bringing it to life in screaming color. It reaches people like no other medium. We are visual creatures, and video is accessible and digestible, especially here and now. Its impact is both swift and enduring. Video provides an open space for nonprofits to use their voices. For posterity, for gratitude, for communication, for fundraising…there are countless reasons why nonprofits need videos to tell their stories. And this need is bound to magnify as time goes on.

SSF is worthy of my Power of Storytelling spotlight not just because their short films are fantastic. Not just because their work illuminates, through the empowering act of story sharing, important organizations who perform life-changing work. I share SSF with you today because they’re unique in a way that’s definitely worth noting. In a way that reinforces this truth:

Volunteers are epically awesome.

You see, without the collective effort of SSF’s passionate volunteer team, which consists of expert and novice filmmakers alike, so many wonderful video narratives wouldn’t be possible. SSF’s consciously story-driven volunteer force has achieved the kind of stuff that moves mountains. This uniqueness is awesome, and it sets them apart.

So check out a sampling of what SSF’s volunteer film crew have created below. I think you’ll agree that these offerings are pretty remarkable. And beautiful.


Reading Partners from Stone Soup Films on Vimeo.


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