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October 5, 2016


Last week, the brilliant Jen Love, part of the team at Agents of Good, a Canadian direct response firm, presented Creating a Truly Donor-Centered Appeal Letter That Touches Hearts and Inspires Gifts, to the amazing participants of our Your Best Ever Year-End Campaign. Jen shared seven lessons that you can steal. And, in today’s What’s in my Mailbox, we’re sharing a stellar example of what sets Agents of Good apart. Steal away!

As you review this appeal, created for The FoodBank of Waterloo Region, take note:

  • I love Phil the brown bag, fun mascot and chief storyteller for The FoodBank. Phil says “Without you, I’m just an empty paper bag! But with your support, I’ll be proudly bursting at the seams and sharing food with hungry people.”
  • Phil shares the stories of what your gift makes possible
  • This piece oozes with gratitude and donor love. “You’ll help feed homeless youth…” “Your $1 will become 3 meals for your neighbors!” “…people who you will help with your gift!”’

Of this campaign, John Lepp said:

Part of the AOG magic is that usually, we never remember who came up with the good ideas because it happens so quick and organically… i think in this case – i read a line from Jen’s letter about filling bags… and knew we wanted to create a sticker that they could use in the pack and for general use – and rather than a cheesy stock image (which in the past is what they used), I thought of Phil. Phil the bag. obvious right? So i quietly snuck off to my illustrator, Veronica, and asked her to help me imagine Phil. (attached were her three takes on Phil.) And we developed the most simplistic one… and the one that made me smile as soon as i saw him.

The client loved him and even talked about getting a Phil costume made for the local octoberfest parade – but time and budget were an issue so they have developed a big sandwich board that volunteers will be wearing during the parade this weekend in Waterloo.

Super fun…

We are also using Phil to help us write the follow up, Christmas appeal.

How will you be inspiring and delighting in your year-end appeal? Click to download this package.




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