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June 20, 2017

Here in the fundraising world, we treat often treat our donor communications with the utmost seriousness and respect. Don’t veer too far off into that territory, though, or you’ll be in danger of becoming stuffy and as dry as parched grass. Welcome humor, creativity, uniqueness, and all that good stuff into the messages you send to your supporters. Welcome joy, and even leave some room to be silly once in awhile. The medium of email communication creates a lot of fleeting experiences yet allows everything that is possible to be possible.

Like figuring out what kind of “cat mood” you’re in, based on a five-question quiz. I’ve always wondered what life as a cat would be like, and Best Friends Animal Society recently hooked me up with the opportunity to explore that idea further. The quiz also has a noble purpose that goes far beyond fleeting fun: based on your results, BF can match you with cats who share your cattitude, just in case you want to adopt them this month for $10, during the Summer To Save Them All.

Check it out, and remember to keep it fun once in awhile! What did the quiz reveal about my cat mood? I’m a Pouncy Pam!

Pouncy. “I’m a tiger! Did I scare you?”

You’re feisty. You’re full of energy. And when you meet a cat who can’t resist swatting at a toy, you say, “That’s the cat for me!”
Inside every cat is a kitten who’s not sure yet whether he might have been born a lion. And sometimes you have the same uncertainty. Because kicking back is not your style. You’d rather grab life by your claws!
What about you?

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