Sure, cats are cute, but the power lies in the story…especially a story by video!

July 24, 2017

A short video, less than three minutes in length, has achieved the elusive status of virality, sitting at nearly 2.5 million views. It was created by a B.C.-based organization dedicated to locally rescuing cats, TinyKittens Society. The video, which chronicles the experience of one of their rescue cats, is called Ancient battle-scarred cat meets tiny kittens. So, of course, it’s gone viral, you think. Cats always go viral on the internet. Right?

But this isn’t about how the internet has fallen in love with cats. First off, cats don’t always go viral, because the internet is over-saturated with them. Second off, it’s not so much about the cats as it is about the story and how beautifully it’s been brought to life through the power of video. 

The main character is a feral cat who answers to the name of Mason. Mason has led a rough life and toughed it out on the streets. He has advanced kidney disease (in addition to other health problems), and had he been taken to a shelter, he surely would’ve been euthanized.

A loving home gave him a chance. And then Mason met some tiny kittens. Watch what happens next. See what great storytelling can do. It’s about cats, and yes, they can be an “easy sell,” but there’s more to it than that. So much more.

The connection between storytelling and video is both undeniable and unique. Video elevates your stories in a way no other medium can. Video has the ability to breathe life into a story, injecting it with live, vivid color.  I’ve explained how you can breathe life into your organization’s narratives by going the way of video and filming them. Plus, my upcoming Your Best Year-End Fundraising EVER: The System masterclass features a premium members’ exclusive recorded training on producing video on a budget. Because believe it or not, video can be both powerful and cost-effective.  

Don’t forget that. Your organization will thank you, and so will your fundraising.

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