What’s In My Inbox | A Basics & More alum invites their donors into their mission

November 21, 2017

The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection is a Tucson-based nonprofit, and they’ve got their online donation systems on lock down. In fact, during my unofficial “Two Gifts a Week” giving study a few years back, crowning them a standout couldn’t have been easier. Their online giving process for making a gift was super streamlined, accessible, and donor-friendly. I’m proud to call them a Basics & More alum. 

Plus, I admire how CSDP consistently works hard to make their supporters feel like a crucial part of their mission. This couldn’t be more apparent in their communications, and for awhile now, I’ve noticed how donor-forward their print newsletter is, among their other avenues. I’ve often recommended communicating directly with your most loyal donors through personal touches. And what better way than a mailing party, an opportunity to gather within the same space, face-to-face? It invites donors into the mission while building a strong sense of community. And it strengthens the network of relationships, both between CSDP and their donors, and between the donors themselves, many who are undoubtedly meeting each other for the first time. Check it out…


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