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November 22, 2017

Development Director Cindy Timmerman of  Community Link has hit a home run with her first-ever fundraising campaign. Cindy, who participated in our Best Year-End Fundraising EVER: The System webinar series, made it a point to attend nearly every session live.

She notes:

“Community Link hasn’t sent anything like this in the past. I’m working with an outside company for the design, printing and distribution of our annual appeal letters. I have two separate letters being mailed based on location. I watched your webinar closely on customizing gift strings. This is an area that I wasn’t familiar with at all and found it really interesting. I went through my database and created gift strings for everyone.

Attached is my letter for Mark. I just love him. There will be more stories about him in the future. Just last week I gave him my brother’s Cardinals jacket. It brought tears to my eyes. He’s a gentle soul.”

The letter is real and genuine. And it speaks to the dread that any parent of a developmentally challenged child knows well: who will take care of your child when you’re gone? Unlike many organizations of a similar nature, the focus is on the story and what the donor’s gift makes possible – rather than the programming.

Cindy paid close attention to copywriter Mary Cahalane’s training on writing a donor-focused appeal letter. And Cindy laughs when she tells you that the Hemingway app has become her new best friend.

Download the letter and a sampling of the emails Cindy sent out for her year-end campaign below. Cindy exceeded her end-of-year fundraising goals. To learn more, click here.


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