Fundraising Friday | March 9, 2018

March 9, 2018

Think about it: your email welcome represents a prime opportunity for engagement. Are you {{{horrors!}}} using the standard message that comes with your email service provider? Engage potential supporters right from the start. Here are three to inspire you.

If you were on my Bloomerang webinar last week, What Are Simple Development Systems And How Can They Help You?, thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately, we ran out of time to answer the great questions you asked, so you’ll find in-depth answers in this post.

There’s new data from Steve MacLaughlin and Blackbaud on how having an email address on file is related to increased donor retention, even if that donor doesn’t give online.

With a reminder of our “it’s ALL fundraising” mantra, check out how one very savvy fundraiser is addressing Audience Attrition, Churn, and Aging in the the symphony. This week’s must read.

Amazon Smile. I call it nickel and dime fundraising. Only it isn’t even that. Why would you give Amazon free marketing?

The scathingly brilliant Emma Lewzey asks, “Do all your donors and potential supporters see themselves and their stories reflected back by your organization?” I. Loved. This. Post. This week’s second must read. Op Ed | The inclusive fundraiser: Representation matters!

A reminder: you are NOT your donors. Level Two Feedback: Using Feedback to Fix Your Systems from Nick Ellinger.

I continue to be impressed with the insights of Zach over at Fundraising Report Card (a two-time Motivate Monday guest!). In Art vs. Science in Fundraising? Zach puts forth the argument (and I would concur) for more testing. Even if you’re a small shop, you should be testing regularly.

Learning Opportunities

Do you ever wish that you could build a predictable monthly revenue stream — and create donor loyalty for your organization?

If you’re not quite sure how to go about creating and growing your organization’s monthly giving program, Mastering Monthly Giving | Basics & More™, is your answer.
This is the single most comprehensive online class to create and grow your organization’s monthly sustainer program. Guaranteed. We’ve opened up registration an extra week due to popular demand. Learn more and enroll here. Download the syllabus here.

Donor data is the very backbone of your nonprofit organization’s individual giving program. Introducing SmarterCRM, a six-week webinar series to help small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations make an informed decision in selecting their donor database solution. We’re focusing on smaller development departments, and the CRMs that are best for organizations without dedicated IT and database specialists. We’ll discuss the features you should look for, demystify APIs and integrations, consider Salesforce’s promises and pitfalls, and more. Most importantly, we’ll discuss the process you can use to select your CRM, and the critical considerations of workflow and culture that sometimes get missed when choosing a CRM.

Make an educated decision that’s right for your organization. SmarterCRM starts next Wednesday. Learn more and enroll here.

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