What’s In My Inbox | How to reach out to your monthlies with gratitude — on the regular!

April 18, 2018

“Is a thank you letter every month necessary?”

That’s one of the most frequently-asked questions we receive in our nonprofit monthly giving classes. Your monthly donors give twelve times a year. You don’t have to limit yourself by sending one thank you letter out per month. Besides, that would be both redundant and tiring — for you and your donors! There are countless ways to regularly reach out to your monthlies and touch them with gratitude. Thank you letters are great, but they’re only part of your monthly donor communications plan.

I’m a monthly donor to Brooklyn-based Global Autism Project, and a thank you email from this organization recently hit my inbox. It’s a great example of how one nonprofit communicates to their monthly donors with gratitude and impact – and in a way that deviates from the typical thank you letter. Through this short email, GAP has made their monthly donors (including me!) feel like a valued partner in their mission. By showing what a gift does, how it brings joy and a brand new experience to the life of a young boy with autism, it also encourages continued giving. I want to see more stories like Yosuke’s. Don’t you?

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Kelly April 19, 2018 at 11:47 am

This is great! How often do you receive these types of emails as a monthly donor?

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