Motivate Monday | Bolster your back-end for monthly giving success!

April 16, 2018

What’s the one thing that your organization can do to truly connect with your donors on a deeper level, lead to greater planned giving, and grow your sustainable income — all at the same time?

If you guessed monthly giving, you’re right!

Retention rates stand at a bleak 45%. It’s undeniable: retention is one of the top challenges that nonprofit fundraisers face. But monthly giving combats low retention. In fact, retention rates in monthly giving are twice as high, standing at 90%+!!

If you know you want to boost your nonprofit’s monthly giving program, how can you do it? In this July 17, 2017 episode of Motivate Monday, Erica Waasdorp, author of Monthly Giving: The Sleeping Giant, bestowed upon us a world of insight in just a half hour. We’re forever grateful not only for her wisdom, gained through over twenty years of monthly giving experience, but her generosity in sharing. Erica is not only the author of the monthly giving bible I look to often, she’s also President of A Direct Solution, an invaluable marketing and fundraising resource. Her additional hats include AFP Master Trainer, presenter, and blogger, and she herself is also a monthly donor.

So sit down, grab your beverage of choice, and relax for a half hour, while Erica runs through the bases of the monthly giving process, from execution to following up, and how to handle when your donor’s credit card expires. It includes direct mail, email, and yes — even the telephone!

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