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July 18, 2018

I love birds. I enjoy watching them, especially in the tin birdhouse that hangs just over the deck outside of my kitchen. I marvel at how many wrens can fit into that tiny house, and at the music their chirping creates. Sometimes, it sounds like they’re having a party. On the opposite side of my deck, I’ve hung a hummingbird feeder full of nectar. Each time I catch one stopping to take a drink, it’s like witnessing a small miracle, and I still can’t get over how their wings beat so fast.

So when National Audubon Society sent me an email that opened by asking me, “What words come to mind when you gaze upon a hummingbird in flight?” they got me thinking about my myriad bird encounters right away, especially the ones in my own backyard.  About how we can so effortlessly find joy in those small moments and how they build up to something much bigger. This email made me smile as I fondly recalled the hummingbirds — and the other birds — and how these little winged creatures manage to make my morning, and my day, a little brighter.

Notice how NAS does simplicity and direct donor communications very well in this email. It’s clear that they’ve got a solid understanding of who their audience is. In speaking to their nature and animal-loving supporters, the beauty of nature is on full display, magnified and amplified through dazzling images. It makes you realize that these small moments of natural beauty really are extraordinary. Check out the email below!

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