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September 6, 2016

What's in my Inbox

I receive an influx of emails on a daily basis, regardless of which email account I’m logged into. The majority of messages struggle against the tide. But the memorable ones triumph against it by doing something wonderful that catapults them from the ordinary, into the extraordinary. Unless they’re just really terrible. Then, they’re memorable for all the wrong reasons…a lesson in the art of what to not.

Thankfully, like most of the email communications that I spotlight here, this piece is a glorious lesson in the art of what to do right.

This email from Mercy Project starts out on the right foot, and from there, it takes flight. Right away, the headline establishes my expectations. I know this is going to be some great news, because their people have set the stage to share a victory.

Upon opening, I’m greeted by a beautiful photograph that illuminates the identity behind Mercy Project’s cause in living, vibrant color. These beautiful children are so much more than spokespeople. They’re a testament to Mercy Project’s important, life-changing mission at work, and establish an additional truth: Mercy Project needs my ongoing support.

The words, from HOPE to FAMILY REUNIFICATION, shed light on just exactly how. In just a few short lines, Mercy Project speaks to their supporters like the heroes they are. In just a few short lines, the collective positive impact of supporters is revealed. Lives changed for the better, futures made brighter and less fearfully uncertain, and hope brought to 11 young children who need it most.

Lastly, there’s the “donate button,” only rather than being stamped with the typical action word, it’s labeled with, “Give Freedom.” There’s endless implications there. Give hope. Give safety. Give humanity.

And now I know. I want to give them more.

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