Greenpeace UK knows that donor surveying is where it’s at

May 23, 2017

Do you know where your supporters stand on issues?

Check out this blog post from Greenpeace UK, a renowned organization who recently published the results of their annual supporter survey. Nearly 70,000 supporters participated in it. Surveying is an invaluable avenue for donor communication. Actually, blogging can also be a wonderful tool for certain organizations. But surveying, which I’ve strongly encouraged for years, is especially vital.

Because what you’re doing is opening a window and creating a space where your donors can be heard. A golden opportunity. In a world that’s forever in flux, one that never stops moving, talking, and changing, sometimes all we need is a chance to be heard. Your donors want that because your donors are human beings.

Survey results provide new knowledge and direction on where to go next from people who’ve supported your organization and want good things for it. Greenpeace UK has been bestowed with the kind of knowledge that will elevate their future campaigns to a brand new level. They heard their donors out and can work what they’ve said into the way they do things, including how they communicate with them, how they communicate with them, and what they say.

Surveying is a crucial component of donor-centered fundraising that will allow you to wholeheartedly embrace it. And donor-centered fundraising is not about coddling, nor is it about fluffy thank yous. Surveying is an important aspect of including your donors in your community.

Check out how Greenpeace UK brought their survey results to the forefront in an infographic format. But go beyond that and check out the comment section, too. Because the comments themselves are solid gold; a shining testament to the powerful connection between donor-centricity and community-centricity and awareness.



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