A Three-Part Autoresponder Series to Raise Your Donor Retention Rate

May 1, 2017

If you’re overcome with a sinking feeling when you think about donor retention, you have good reason. Donor retention’s numbers are still abysmal. The reality is, right now in 2017, nonprofit organizations are continuing to struggle to keep their donors, and rates hover around 45%. The latest numbers from the Fundraising Effectiveness Survey show that for every 100 donors nonprofits gain, they lose 99 through attrition.

Look, the fact of the matter is, the retention problem is an enduring one because it’s an onion. A stinky, complicated onion that contains multiple layers that need addressing. Do you even know your organization’s retention rate? Most nonprofits don’t.

Fundraising superstar John Haydon recently joined me for an enlightening installment of Motivate Monday or, as my assistant has come to call it, MoMon. And during our brief get-together, where attendees benefited from his fundraising wizardry, John tackled one of those layers. It’s a very important layer, and it has to do with email communication — in particular, welcoming donors with email. John’s MO consists of three parts, and part one is triggered after that crucial first gift is made. Gifts have the potential to begin long-term, sustainable donor relationships. It’s all in how the donor is treated *after* the gift happens. What steps does the nonprofit take? What processes do they use?

You need a process. You need a plan. Your organization’s life depends on it.

So, when you’ve got the time, kick back and delve into last week’s MoMon, where John shines some light on this important three-part email plan over our power (half) hour. Your donors will thank you for it. Like John says, donors are unlikely to unsubscribe when you tell them thank you…and that they’re awesome. And plan to join us every Monday at 1:00 EST for Motivate Monday. Save your seat here.

Motivate Monday | With Pamela Grow | April 24, 2017 from Pamela Grow on Vimeo.

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