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September 25, 2019

Monthly giving is especially great for small nonprofit organizations. It provides reliable, recurring income, and monthly donors have upwards of 90% retention rates.

But let’s get a few things straight. Monthly giving is not a simple “if you build it, they will come” option. And it’s so much more than a tick box on your response device or the opportunity on your online donate form. For a smaller nonprofit, we often recommend 3-5 (or more) monthly giving campaigns a year, depending on the organization. You might want to experiment with a small direct mail monthly giving ask to a handful of your most loyal donors. You could also test a monthly giving ask by including one in your new donor welcome pack. It’s could be great step to take after that important first gift is made. Consider including 2-3 monthly giving email campaigns each year.
Here’s a monthly giving email campaign from Intervale Center. This one involved a series of five emails spaced out over the month of August.
Mandy Fisher, Development and Special Projects Director over at Intervale, told me:
Our August campaign actually managed to convert a few folks to monthly donors! But more importantly, it was just very well received. I heard from more donors as a result of the August campaign than I ever have before.

In spotlighting some of their donors, there’s a terrific emphasis on storytelling. Each of the stories is compelling, especially because they’re told by the supporters who lived them. Sharing firsthand experiences is a powerful thing. The account involving Libby and Tim, a couple who used Intervale Center as their wedding venue, was not only touching but showed how IC has positively impacted lives in a meaningful and unique way. Great storytelling has the capacity to accomplish so much. In the case of this email campaign, storytelling helped to create a convincing case for why Intervale’s donors should give on the monthly, and they responded positively to it.

Check out Intervale’s monthly giving email campaign by clicking below…

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